Andarilho - Supporters Pack

Andarilho - Supporters Pack

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The supporters pack is a DLC to support the development of the game, you will receive the following items as a bonus:

  • AK47
  • M1911
  • M4
  • Revolver
  • Saw Blade Axe

  • Model 1 Blue
  • Model 1 Green
  • Model 1 Red
  • Model 1 Yellow
  • Model 2 Black
  • Model 2 Orange
  • Model 2 Pink
  • Model 2 White
  • Sports Car 1 Black
  • Sports Car 1 Green
  • Sports Car 1 Pink
  • Sports Car 1 Red
  • Sports Car 2 Sport

Warning: If you already received items for owning one or more of the old DLCs, the system will not give you a new one.

Note: You will have to play the game for at least 150 minutes to receive the items.



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